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Tamanu Facial Cleanser

Our signature cleanser is gentle, yet it packs a punch. Loaded with skin beautifying aminoacids, vitamins and leaf extracts.  The Tamanu oil leaves skin radiant and it’s antibacterial properties help fight skin eruptions.




Jojoba Esters Exfoliator


Jojoba esters get to work, Jojoba Ester is a great emollient, due to its remarkable similarity to the natural oils produced by the human skin, and its high oxidative stability. Along with the fruit and leaf extracts this is a formula for beautiful skin.




Peppermint Toner

Peppermint, and sugar cane extract activate the antibacterial properties in this formula. Light mist with heavy healing benefits.


Jojoba Moisturizer

Aloe, Coconut and Rosemary get to work, moisturizing is the key with this formula and the ingredients do an awesome job. No greasy residue, just moisture.


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