Peachwood comb

Peachwood comb

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3 Reason why combing therapy works? 

We at Natural Kerr, have adopted combing therapy to our hair healing regime. 


1) Combing massages all of the acu-points of the head, which regulates excitement and inhibition in of the cerebral cortex. (Aiding in hair growth)

2)Regular combing can help improve hair quality, in conjunction with our products is a recipe for healthy hair. 

3) Improves the strength and elasticity of the hair.

It's a win, win....

Combing therapy involves stimulating the scalp by combing with a Peach-wood comb. We suggest you comb your scalp in both directions starting at the posterior hairline and combing toward the frontal hairline. Hold the comb with the forefinger along the back of the comb and apply light pressure with the finger keeping the comb perpendicular to the head. This means the angle of the comb will change as it passes over the scalp. 

Comb the hair from front to back, and them back to front. Comb the midline first, then comb one half of the head in overlapping sections followed by the other half of the head. The hair can be combed this way for dozens of strokes until the scalp is warm. Comb slowly and evenly with steady pressure. For maximum effects is best to comb in the morning upon awakening and in the evening before going to bed for 5-10 minutes each time. 


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