Citrus Love Soap Box

Citrus Love Soap Box


A unique monthly subscription that offers you the opportunity to choose from Our artisan made essential oil soaps collection.

This subscription makes a great gift. We will even include a classic linen card with your message.

The Citrus Love Collection

Orange & Mint Julep - Contrasting Orange essential oil with low notes of mint. Perfect for your morning beauty shower.

Grapefruit Geranium - Essential oils for a sweet grapefruit with, low notes of geranium. Your sense will be delighted.

Sunrise - Orange essential oil, with low notes of spicy tangy orange peel. Sweet orange essential oil, mellow and pleasant, for a sweet orange experience to remember.

Grapefruit Margarita - Grapefruit, Orange and lime. A party of citrus notes, while you shower.

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Citrus Love Box includes :

Mint & Orange - Contrasting mint, with low notes of orange.

Cederwood Sage- High notes of sage, with low notes of cederwood.

Autumn Sun - A blend of Citrus, spice and ginger.

Grapefruit Geranium - Grapefruit and Geranium Essential oils make a sweet, floral scent.