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MSM Restore Peppermint Mist

                                                    Hair growth mist & heat protector with MSM


What is it?

If you are in need of strengthening, moisturizing, and want to promote growth, this is the product you need. Regardless of the type of hair you have, if it’s curly or straight. We highly recommend you try this product for natural, relaxed, transitioning, dry, damaged, overly porous hair types.  Alleviates hair loss, diminishes hair shedding.                 

How to use:

1)Apply after conditioning to wet hair, before your leave-in conditioner or setting lotion. This lightweight product is lightly fragranced with peppermint CO2 fragrance. 

2) Apply after blow-drying, immediately BEFORE using flat iron. It also helps to prevent (HEAT) damage, and leaves your hair silky straight, and seals in moisture. 


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Hair Types

This product is recommended for All Hair types.