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    Liquid Gold - Natural Keratin Replacement System


What is it?

Our CACAO/Brazil Nut patent pending Natural Keratin Replacement treatment; has been created to repair, heal, and fill your hair strand by strand.   

Whether the desire is for smooth, straight hair or voluminous curls, we have the product for you, that will improve hair improve ease of styling and shape retention. Natural Kerr has formulated an enzyme technology which allows one to temporarily straighten or curl the hair. Oro Liquido – Liquid Gold not only delivers versatility at the your fingertips, but it has been shown to reduce styling damage while providing further conditioning benefits.

Given the nature of the hair, it can be rather difficult to straighten or curl the hair for long periods of time without inflicting damage. This is because keratins found in hair are very strong and insoluble fibrous alpha-helical proteins. Although there are several different chemical bonds which affect the shape and texture of the hair, two important bonds to consider include hydrogen bonding between amide groups and the disulphide bridges.

Unlike formaldehyde based hair systems, Oro liquid –Liquid Gold is an all formula that is capable of modifying hair shape while protecting it from styling damage. This unique ingredient consists of a blend of hydrolyzed keratin and Trametes versicolor extract. Trametes versicolor is a type of mushroom which contains the oxidative enzyme laccase. This distinct heat activated enzyme cross-links free carboxylic acid groups in the hydrolyzed keratin with the amine groups along the cuticle to create a stable network that holds the hair’s texture in a given shape. Styling tools such as hot irons or blow dryers can be used to activate the botanical enzyme while simultaneously shaping the hair. This all natural technology provides versatility when it comes to styling and shape retention. Our research confirms that the benefits associated with Oro Liquido – Liquid Gold last until the hair is washed.


Rinse thoroughly and apply a pea size amount of Seda De Caviar (Caviar Silk) as a leave -in treatment and you will see the difference.

Helps alleviate: Dryness, breakage, and frizz.  Offers Chemical Free Straightening effect after using hair tools   (blow dryer, flat iron or roller setting)

We also have the perfect applicator for this Product.

How to use:

Apply the Natural Keratin Replacement System to the hair starting at your ends and avoiding the scalp as much as possible.   Deep conditioners should never be deliberately applied to the scalp.   While you want your hair from root to tip to be saturated with the deep conditioner, putting it on the scalp can interfere with your hair’s natural oils (sebum) and create build up.  Cover your hair with a plastic cap and then go under a hooded dryer for 20 to 30 minutes at low heat setting.   The heat allows the hair shaft to open and the deep conditioner to enter along the shaft.  Allow the hair to get back to room temperature and then wash it out.  Make your final rinse a cold one to seal back the hair cuticles.



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