Dulce de Coco con Pina

                                                  Coco Pineapple Custard

What is it?

This is the perfect lightweight leave-in conditioner. It will become your best friend, if you wear your hair curly and allow to air dry. Although it is lightweight it packs a punch. Made with pure coconut milk, and cacao extract. It will quench the thirst of everyone of your curls, adding softness and shine… It will leave your curls hydrated and touchably soft.

 This product is specifically formulate to aid in Severe Scalp Dryness, Brittle curls, Over porous hair


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Hair Types

This product is recommended for hair types 3abc,4abc



How to use:

After towel drying your washed hair, use the appropriate amount of leave-in conditioner and apply it through the lengths of your hair. Always use a towel to squeeze out the extra water in your hair before applying a leave-in. 

Sectioning your wet hair helps you apply the leave-in conditioner properly. Work the leave- in starting at the ends and make your way up to the roots and scalp. The product should be equally spread through your hair for good results, so take your time during application and distribution, till every strand is properly coated with leave-in product. It is advisable that you use a wide-mouth plastic comb to spread the product through every section. Do not pull or tug the comb, but use it gently.