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Rice Bran Gel 

                                                                  Setting lotion


What is it?


This vitamin packed gel with omega3 and omega6 fatty acids,

tocotrienols, and inositol helps improve hair texture and

growth. It provides a firm hold and added manageability to

your hair. Use after deep conditioning to ease styling. Great

for roller setting, of just to add texture to you hair style. Date

fruit, shrinks your hair cuticle and allow your hair to become

frizz free. Use as setting lotion, before curlers or blow-dry. The sky is the

limit with this light weight gel product.



How to use:

Apply a small amount to wet conditioned hair, and roller set. Perfect setting lotion pin up curls. 


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Hair Types

This product is recommended for All Hair types. However, its especially formulated 2abc,3abc,4abc.