Gelatina de arroz 

                                                            Styling gel

What is it?

This vitamin packed gel with omega3 and omega6 fatty acids,tocotrienols, and inositol helps improve hair texture and growth. It provides a soft hold and added manageability to curly hair. What a treat for your hair!  This natural gel will add shine, seal in moisture and controls your curl and helps retain the body of your curl, without any damaging ingredients.  (Alcohol Free Formula)


 Helps restore moisture, helps with curl shrinkage. As well as Frizz, Dry brittle curls relief and aids in growth.


How to use: 

APPLY GEL TO HAIR THAT IS FRESHLY CLEANSED AND WET while standing bent over at the waist with your head tilted forward. Squirt some gel in the palms of your hands and evenly deposit it throughout your hair. Then, gently scrunch sections of hair upward. Lift your head upright, shake hair gently into place and lightly graze a little extra gel downward over the top canopy layer of hair.

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Hair Types

This product is recommended for All hair types.